Employment Law

No matter what job you work – whether you are starting at the bottom or occupy a top position – it is important to understand that you have rights as an employee. Both the federal and state government have laws in place to ensure that you are treated fairly and taken care of by your employer. When that employer fails to respect those rights or tries to take unfair advantage of you, the Law Offices of Clyde I. Butts is here to help you understand your legal options and take action to protect yourself.

Northern California Employment Law Attorney

When your employer begins taking advantage of you it can become a slippery slope. If you fail to stand up and put a stop to it you could face progressively worse treatment as time goes on. This is why it is so important to contact an attorney when you have questions about what your employer can and cannot do. You might be surprised to discover that you have a strong case for legal action and the compensation that comes from a successful case.

The ways that an employer can mistreat you are numerous and must be addressed as soon as possible. We pursue cases related to wrongful termination, discrimination in the workplace, hostile work environment, retaliation, whistle blowing and sexual harassment. If you have suffered any of these you should contact our firm immediately.

Attorney Clyde Butts – Your Advocate

Employers can be extremely intimidating. They do not have to even take any direct action – the fear of losing your job can be enough to make you hold back when you should step forward. This is why we encourage you to contact our firm and discuss your situation in confidence. We can tell you if you should attempt a case, how likely you are to be successful and what to do next.

Please contact us now if you have been mistreated in the workplace or suspect a violation of your rights. The time to stand up is now.