Elder Abuse

Why Hire Attorney Clyde Butts to Handle Your Elder Abuse Case?

Many elderly persons are at risk for abuse and poor treatment due to their dependence upon others for assistance with the basic needs of daily life. Health and medical concerns can also make these individuals a target for abuse, especially if they need in-home health care services or need to reside in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Elder family members can not only be victims of physical maltreatment, they may also be at high risk for financial abuse due to their inability to handle financial concerns. There are many local, state and federal laws that serve to protect the needs and interests of this demographic. However, these laws are meaningless if they are not adhered to and enforced properly.

Victim of Elder Abuse?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse, you have several avenues for recourse under the laws of the state of California. Attorney Clyde Butts is the premier Northern California Elder Abuse Attorney and has many years of successfully handling these types of claims. Attorney Butts has made it his mission to obtain a fair outcome for all of his clients, no matter the circumstances surrounding their case. Attorney Butts has been practicing law since 1979, and has over 23 years of practical experience in civil litigation. He will leverage his expertise and vast knowledge of elder law to get you the best results possible.

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