Clyde Butts

Whether you’re struggling with financial and physical burdens in the aftermath of a workplace accident or dealing with wrongful termination on the part of an employer, you stand to benefit from the assistance of a law expert willing to act as your personal advocate. The ideal is a Northern California lawyer capable equipped with both regional familiarity and a thorough understanding of employment law. You will find just this when you team up with the talented attorney Clyde Butts, one of Northern California’s most respected attorneys.

Maintaining A Focus On Personal Injury And Employment Law

A number of law firms choose to represent a wide array of clients, pursuing everything from automotive cases to intellectual property. At the law offices of Clyde I. Butts, a different approach is utilized — one in which all efforts are concentrated on cases related to personal injury and employment issues. This narrowed focus allows attorneys to build up a greater level of expertise in the selected fields, which, in turn, increases the chances of litigation success.

A History Of Excellence

The law offices of Clyde I. Butts deliver not only legal expertise, but also, a long history of success. Clyde Butts first began his remarkable career as an attorney in 1979, later venturing into private practice 1981 and, ultimately, settling into his current routine as a solo practitioner in 1993. Since then, he’s successfully represented a variety of clients in the San Francisco area, consistently impressing with his distinctive hands-on approach and his willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure client satisfaction.

No matter the nature of your current employment or personal injury case, you can look to Clyde Butts as a dedicated advocate. If you’ve been wronged in the workplace, there’s no better avenue for obtaining the compensation you deserve.